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Therapy is a Horde PvE 20-man Mythic raiding guild with a primary focus on progressing through the most current content available, from Normal to Heroic to Mythic raids. We are a guild of friendly, mature players (ages 18+) and are located on the (H) Skywall US server. Our raiding atmosphere is fairly relaxed, but we are serious about raiding and enjoy a good challenge. In addition to our progression goals, we also frequently organize alt raids, mount runs, and achievement runs.

If you are interested in joining us as a raiding member, please see our Guild Information page, Guild Charter, and Membership Application.  Please note that we are only accepting applications for non-raiding members and substitute raiders at this time, as our 20-man roster is currently full.

Another Ogron down

[[G]] Braenne a posted Dec 5, 15


[[G]] Braenne a posted Sep 25, 15

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Congrats all on the new kill :)
Patch today
Miss you too Penny
I miss you guys!
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